Due to its composable nature, Endless Crawler can be expanded and customized by adding specific cards when composing your deck.

Core Game Trunk

Chapter 1 starts minimal, with plain colours and a limited palette.

There are 4 Terrain types, identified by the 4 elements:

But a derivative game can identify these terrains in a completely different way to create new gameplay, like Street, Park, Indoor and Country, for example.


Each Terrain has one colour palette and individual generation method. The palette can evolve in later chapters, but the actual layout of each Chamber is immutable and eternal.

Around Chapter 3, Chambers will start to evolve, with a simple 1-bit tileset. The game character, the Crawler, will also receive the first animated cycles.

Later Chapters will better develop and expand the core tileset, Crawler character and NPCs.





Branching from the main game trunk, some Cards will redesign the game. Simple Skin Cards can just alter the looks, but Game Cards can also develop completely new gameplay.

This will open the opportunity to collaborate with different artists and communities.